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Empowering Lives, Transforming Companies

Our mission is clear: Enhance lives and businesses, promoting the comprehensive well-being of every employee with technology by our side.

A Comprehensive Well-being Solution

Health and Well-being

Health and Well-being

Comprehensive well-being is the key to a fulfilling work life. Through healthy habits, we prevent illnesses and boost the quality of life for our workforce.

Commitment to the Company

Commitment to the Company

We drive camaraderie, strengthen communication, and nurture values. More than just employees, we create ambassadors of a sturdy organizational culture.

Boost in Productivity

Boost in Productivity

We turn well-being into performance. A balanced and healthy team equates to heightened productivity and consistent results.

Redefine business success

A vibrant team, an unbreakable culture, and sustainable growth.

Daily Stress


of people worldwide feel stress every day. 

Work Commitment


of people don’t feel engaged in their job. 

Chronic Diseases:


of deaths from chronic diseases stem from habits

Source: WHO & Gallup Report 2022.

For employees

Join us on your journey towards comprehensive well-being.

WellApp is a comprehensive well-being solution designed to empower you to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Personalized Programs: Enjoy training and nutrition programs adapted to your needs.

Mental and Emotional Health: Access tips and resources to take care of your mental health.

Good habits: Turn your well-being goals into small daily actions.

Integrated Planning: With our planner that integrates with your Apple and Google calendars.

For companies

Maximize your team's well-being, engagement, and performance.

We easily and effectively promote healthy and balanced work environments through an Engagement Center that stimulates participation with challenges, increases commitment and dynamizes the work environment.

Caring your team: With Well, take a step further in the well-being of your employees.

Habits Tracking: Know your team's well-being patterns. Use concrete data to develop effective strategies.

Well-being Challenges: Strengthen team bonds with fun, healthy challenges.

Cultural Transformation: Lead the shift towards a well-being culture. Use the Dashboard as your tool.

Become a well-being leader.

All your questions answered

Questions and Answers

Well App is an application to set up healthy routines based on atomic habit principles. With Well App, your teams will enhance their well-being thanks to entirely personalized training and nutrition plans.

We employ machine learning to tailor our proposals to each individual’s routines, preferences, and physical condition. Plus, we offer you a dashboard with metrics relevant to your organization.

Absolutely, you can invite up to N members to your Well App account. Improving your habits is easier when you have the support of your loved ones.

Write to us, and we’ll schedule a meeting to offer you a tailored proposal that fully meets the needs of your team.

We're with you

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